SIM for second phone

There is no longer need to replace SIM card from one mobile device into another!

“SIM for second phone” — is a unique service, which provides an opportunity to simultaneously use two SIM cards with one customer number and similar set of mobile services. The service is provided only for the contract subscribers. When you activate the service you receive one extra SIM card.

General Information

The "SIM for second phone" service provides an opportunity to use two SIM cards with one customer’s number and the same set of mobile connection services simultaneously. The service is provided only for contract subscribers. When you activate this service, you are given an additional SIM card.

You can use one SIM card in your main mobile phone, and the second one — in any other customer’s mobile device:

  • Common mobile terminal, smartphone or communicator for conversations, exchange of text and multimedia messages, browsing WAP and web-pages and for all other accessible services.
  • Automobile phone;
  • Common PC, notebook or PDA with GSM/GPRS modem.

The additional SIM card allows using all the services provided with the help of a common SIM card, except for the D-Jingle service.

“SIM for second phone” service activation

To activate “SIM for second phone” service, please apply to the Customers Service Centre. After your application for activation have been accepted, you are given a start package “SIM for second phone” with a special design.

Tariffication and fees

PlanActivation fee, UAHMonthly fee, UAH
3G Business VIP Premium, Business Office Premium, Kyivstar 4G Premium, Kyivstar 4G Business, Kyivstar 4G Business VIP0.00200.00
Gate, Kyivstar Team, Kyivstar 4G Simple, Kyivstar 4G Simple+, Kyivstar 4G0.0050.00
Kyivstar 4G Ultra, Kyivstar 4G Extra0.00100.00
Smart, Smart+, Simple, Unlim+0.0030.00
Smart Max, Smart Business, Smart Premium, Smart Business+0,000,00
For other plans53.1315.00

Fee for SIM card replacement within “SIM for second phone” service, except for warranty replacement, is charged in amount of 25 UAH incl. all taxes and fees.

Tariffs are in UAH including all taxes and fees

The customer pays for using the services with the help of any SIM card of the SIM for second phone from one customer’s personal account.

The fee for replacing the SIM card of the SIM for second phone service is 20 UAH including VAT and PF.

  • For TP Everything for VIP, VIP Extra All, 3G Business VIP, 3G Business VIP Extra, 3G Premium VIP Business repeated activation = 0.00 UAH
  • For TP All for 65, All for 90, All for 125, All for 160, All for 110, All for 175, All for 300, 3G Business 60, 3G Business 120, 3G Business 180, 3G Business 300, repeated activation = 10 00 UAH (including all taxes)

SIM for second phone Service Peculiarities

1. You can make outcoming calls, send text messages and use other mobile connection services including those provided via GPRS and EDGE technologies (WAP and traditional Internet access, sending and receiving multimedia services etc.)

  • make phone calls;
  • make calls and send text messages;
  • make calls and send multimedia messages;
  • make calls and browse WAP or web-pages.

2. Incoming calls, messages etc. may be received only by one mobile terminal with the so-called “active” SIM card. Accordingly, the SIM card in another mobile terminal is passive, and from this device you can perform any outcoming actions.

3. To activate the main SIM card dial a combination *107*1#on the keyboard of your mobile terminal. After this, the additional SIM card automatically passes to the passive mode. To activate the additional SIM card dial a combination *107*2# on the keyboard of your mobile terminal. After this, the main SIM card automatically passes to the passive mode.

4. To change the status of any SIM card of the SIM for second phone service from active to passive one, or vice versa, dial a USSD request *108# on the keyboard of your mobile terminal. After this, the second SIM card automatically changes its previous status to the opposite.

5. The outcoming operations may be performed from any mobile terminal regardless of whether its SIM card is active, or not. You can use both mobile devices simultaneously to make calls, send messages and use data transfer services. That is, from the one mobile terminal the customer can make a call, and from the other — send text message or browse the unlimited cyberspace.

6. For the services based on the CSD, GPRS or EDGE data transfer, the standard settings are used.

7. It is possible to use the service of WAP and traditional Internet access, the services of sending and receiving multimedia messages and Mobile E-mail based on the GPRS or EDGE technologies similtaneously from both mobile devices.

8. If the SIM card is lost, you can temporarily block your number by calling to the respective information service or by addressing to the Customers’ Service Centre. After this, the both SIM cards are blocked, for the SIM for second phone service subscribers.

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