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Connection devices

Connecting devices are necessary for connecting a mobile phone to computer. One of the below-mentioned devices can perform this function:

Connecting cable

Connecting cable is a connecting device necessary for attaching the mobile phone to computer.

Some mobile phones sets include the cable. If it is not the case you can purchase it separately. While buying a cable, make sure that it is appropriate for your telephone model, and also check if the software for setup is available. You can buy either USB or COM cables. In order to attach them there should be corresponding connectors on your computer.


Connect the mobile phone to computer by means of the cable. For further instructions see Phone Setup to Use it as Modem.


  • Stability of connection.


  • Limited length of cable.


Many models of contemporary mobile phones come with built-in Bluetooth. In this case your computer also must have built-in or separately purchased and installed adapter.


If the Bluetooth adapter is installed correctly on your computer you will see a new icon «Bluetooth device» on the control panel (in the lower right corner). Turn on Bluetooth in the menu of your mobile phone (for some telephones it is necessary to turn on «Search» option). Then click the Bluetooth icon on your computer and select «Add Bluetooth device». Following «Add Bluetooth Device Wizard» prompts add your mobile phone. For further instructions see Phone Setup to Use it as Modem.


  • Wireless connection.


  • Distance limit — up to 10 m.

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