Separate Accounts

The Separate Accounts service allows optimizing differentiation of communication service costs separating business calls from personal ones. This service may be activated for any Kyivstar Business customer number.


The advantages are obvious for both Kyivstar Business customers and employees themselves:

  • Automated costs management as required by the law
  • Individual approach to every employee
  • Eliminating the risk of blocking accounts for the whole corporation
  • Paying for personal calls at advantageous corporate rates
  • Using the same telephone for personal and business calls

Examples of Use

The Separate Accounts service will help you fulfill the following tasks:

  • Corporate rules: you can pay for entertainment services at your corporate telephone using the personal account
  • Budget control: setting limits on the costs which corporate use of telephone may incur. Limitation of individual expenses to make sure that overuse for one number won’t result in disconnection of service for all numbers
  • Roaming: transferring roaming charges to personal account
  • Always connected: a work time profile setting option to ensure that during off hours the employee’s phone is switched on.

How to Activate

The service may be activated upon a written application filed at business customer service departments or Customers Service Centers in the presence of a customer’s coordinator and customer with whom the personal customer account service agreement will be signed. If the personal account is registered for a legal entity, you should only submit an application to activate the service.

Service Possibilities

To pay for personal calls, an additional (personal) customer account will be opened for customer’s number, and a customer’s coordinator will establish a set of rules to make payments for communication services from the personal customer account. To ensure servicing of the personal customer account, an individual in whose name customer account is registered must sign an agreement with the Kyivstar Company.

The additional customer account for personal use may be registered for both company employees — natural persons and the legal entity which corporate numbers are not registered for a specific natural person but assigned to the company’s subdivisions. In the latter case, when registering personal account for the same legal entity, no additional agreement with the Kyivstar Company is required.

Customers may also file group applications for this service as well as apply for remote activation, if gathering all employees in the same place at the same time to sign agreements is not possible.

User Instructions

Upon the service activation the customer may set rules depending on his/her needs, upon different criteria, and in any combination.

Rules of costs application (from the personal account):

  • Expenses exceeding certain monthly limit (an arbitrary amount in UAH per month)
  • Payment for GPRS/EDGE-based services (Internet access and MMS)
  • Payment for international calls, including the StarSvit service
  • Payment for content providers services (CPA calls and CPA SMS)
  • Payment for services provided during off hours (nine off hours profile options)
  • Roaming

Personal account may be replenished by:

  • Scratch cards and vouchers with an account replenishment code (the amount is added directly to the personal account)
  • Cash payment at the bank counter
  • Credit card payment in the Internet, via ATMs, POS terminals, and by dialing 899
  • The Account Replenishment for Other Subscriber’s Number service

To check personal account, please, do the following:

  • call the Help Service or visit the Customers Service Center
  • dial *111#

To check the account balance, please, do the following:

  • call the Help Service or visit the Customers Service Center
  • dial *149#

Tariffs and Payments

For customers who are served on conditions of a business tariffs 3G Business 60 2016, 3G Business 120 2016, 3G Business 180 2016, 3G Business 300 2016, 3G Business VIP 2016, 3G Business VIP Extra, 3G VIP Business Premium, 3G Business 40 Special, 3G Business 90 Special, Business Office 80, Business Office 160, Business Office 240, Business Office 320, Business Office 500 Special, Business Office VIP and Business Office Premium service is not charged.

For customers of other business tariffs

  • Activation of one customer number is:
    • if the service activated till 04.12.2016 (included) - 5,31 UAH,
    • if the service activated from 05.12.2016 (counting the repeated activation of the service) — free.
  • щомісячна абонентна плата за кожного абонента, якому підключено послугу, становить:
    • якщо послугу підключено до 04.12.2016 року (включно) - 5,31 грн.
    • якщо послугу підключено з 05.12.2016 року — безкоштовно

Tariffs including all taxes and fees.

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