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  • Development of new businesses
  • Support at all stages of business
  • Getting Profits

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Use the advantages of the cooperation with the leading telecommunication operator: choose the model of the partnership, which ensure the dynamic growth in your business.

  • Innovation development

    Developing unique offers

  • Integration of services

    Combining existing services and delivering complex solutions

  • Sales of services

    Sales of telecommunication business services

How to become a partner?

  1. Send commercial

    Describe the substance of proposal, specify the options of possible schemes of interaction with Kyivstar

  2. Prepare to
    the meeting

    On meeting we will get acquainted with requirements to business partners.

  3. Make

    Approval of the final claims and execution of the legal contract - necessary stage

Partner's testimonials


Throughout all our activities, we have recommended our customers Kyivstar services as a reliable partner in the telecommunications field.

As the customer base expanded, this issue became more and more relevant, and as a result, the joint productive communication resulted in the signing of a partnership agreement.

After that, we were able to offer our customers a completely different level of service, from help in the procedure of buying numbers and ending with individual project cases and price proposals.

Alexander Makarovsky, CEO


To integrate telephony with the Bitrix24 service, we needed a reliable company that appreciates the importance of partnerships, is able to look for flexible solutions and see the future in joint ventures. The beginning of cooperation with Kyivstar was a challenge for us: work in conditions of technological uncertainty, a lot of involved parties, the first experience of implementing such a project in Ukraine.

I think that the most important role in building relations between our companies is played by the openness and involvement of Kyivstar employees, which allows them to find a common language with partners and interesting technological solutions in the most difficult situations.

Dmitry Suslov, CEO


During the development of the I-SEE system, which immediately informs the owner in the event of car theft, it was important to minimize false alarms in the event of communication failure. Reliable quality of communication - and this is the stability and correct operation of the equipment - multiplied by a high-end management team - and this is the comfort and simplicity in communication - led the project to success.

In the person of Kyivstar, we have received not only a supplier of excellent communication, but also a reliable partner, which helps us to multiply the success of the I-SEE.

Vadim Kochevykh, CEO


We started working with Kyivstar 8 months ago on the integration of IP telephony and our OneBox product.

During the time of cooperation, we have done a great job as partners, have closely integrated with Kyivstar products, and now we are preparing a new joint project that will allow us to achieve high business indicators and broad audience coverage.

Partnership with Kyivstar gives a unique experience not only for us, but for all users of our infrastructure.

Maxim Miroshnichenko, Marketing director

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