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Intentional mass sending of SMS-messages, executed without prior consent of recipients, can lead to criminal responsibility according to Article 363—1 (Chapter XVI, Criminal Code of Ukraine).

SMS sending rules

Telephone number

Telephone number could be dialed in intra-network (7 digits) format. Please note, that the number should consist only of digits, no spaces, hyphens or other punctuation symbols are allowed.


You must select all images with animate nature from nine displayed pictures in popup window, which will appear after you press "send" button, in order to send sms-message. This is rather simple task for people, but insoluble for machine.

Sending messages in Cyrillic alphabet

Receiving messages in Cyrillic letters is not supported by all models of telephones, thus we are recommending you to send message in Cyrillic only if you are sure that receiver’s telephone set is supporting Cyrillic in SMS. Maximum length of message in Cyrillic is 70 symbols. If you are typing the message in Cyrillic letters but choosing «Roman», then Cyrillic letters will be transliterated into Roman letters and text will be sent in Roman alphabet. Please, do not forget that when transliterating is done some Cyrillic letters are transferred with couple of Roman; that is why the result message could be longer than you are expecting and could consist of more than 160 symbols. Besides, if you are entering some «exotic» symbols, they could not be transliterated and that could be the reason your SMS would not be sent.

Dear users!

In order to protect mobile communications subscribers from spam, the number of SMS, which is sent by user from one IP, is limited. Every user can send up to 5 SMS per day from one IP address. Please note that one IP-address can be shared by several PCs at some of the ISP networks.