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Kyivstar Partners summit

Dear Partners, thank you for joining us today! As part of the summit, we propose you participate in a charitable auction in the evening. You will have an opportunity to buy six symbols of Ukrainian bravery to support our country in the fight for its peaceful future. You can also donate to one of the most respectful Ukrainian charitable organizations below.

Kyivstar has already donated ~USD 3 100 000 to support the humanitarian needs of Ukrainian defenders, hospitals and war victims. Please, join us!

come back alive

Come Back Alive Charitable Foundation

Come Back Alive is the largest Ukrainian Foundation providing competent assistance to the military since 2014. The key goal of the organization is to make the Armed Forces of Ukraine more efficient and save the lives of the military. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in February 2022, the organization has multiplied support for defenders of Ukraine.

In 2022 Kyivstar had already allocated ~USD 600`000 for Come Back Alive to cover the humanitarian needs of Ukrainian defenders.

Your support will provide Ukrainian defenders with new civil pick-up vehicles to satisfy their humanitarian transportation needs.

your support

Tvoya Opora Charitable Foundation

Tvoya Opora Charitable Foundation is one of the largest Ukrainian foundations providing humanitarian aid. Its mission is to ensure that every person in Ukraine who needs help receives it in a timely and high-quality manner.

Since February 24, the foundation has provided humanitarian aid to the conflict-affected population and healthcare institutions. The organization has supported 5000 children, 100 hospitals, 50 orphanages, and shelters.

Kyivstar had several projects with this establishment in 2020 and 2022, which aimed to help Ukrainian hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic and full-scale invasion. In total, Kyivstar allocated for the foundation ~USD 1 200 000.