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Reporting, research and modelling solutions

Kyivstar Data platform

Consolidate and analyze data from various sources, automate reporting, make predictive analytics, and develop modelling.

Kyivstar Data platform (Data Warehouse, DWH) is a modern tool that allows you to analyze a holistic information picture based on data from various sources. Make the most informed decisions for your business quickly and accurately.

Benefits of Kyivstar Data platform


Consolidation of different data types

  • Combines data from any source: Excel, ERP, Dynamics, Terrasoft CRM, Google BigQuery, SAP HANA, YouTube, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, messengers, bots, any data from the Internet, etc.
  • External data, including data from the telecom operator Kyivstar can enlarge it. For example, this may include public data on competitors, market dynamics, existing and potential customers.
  • Stores data for an unlimited period. You will be able to use historical data, and it will be protected from cyberattacks and other threats.

Data quality is guaranteed

  • Kyivstar Data platform has an automated system to control data quality and completeness. If an error or any anomaly is detected in the data, you will be informed about it.
  • It allows you to eliminate the need for manual reporting. This minimizes the human factor and helps to eliminate mechanical errors.
  • It collects the latest versions of data and serves as the only source of reliable information in the company.

Reporting and modelling automation

With Kyivstar data platform, you can:

  • Generate Power BI reports automatically to save time and resources.
  • Create complex visualisations in Power BI to present analytics results in a more presentable and understandable way.
  • Access analytics from any device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop).
  • Develop predictive modelling and data science in the company to improve production, increase sales, and enhance customer experience.

Kyivstar’s experts will help you create analytics so that you can get up-to-date data from any source, process it automatically, and make decisions quickly. Visualization will make any work with data easier; it will allow you to track patterns and exceptions and help you present research results to a wider audience.


Using modern cloud infrastructure based on Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud storage allows you to store as much data as you need – securely and without the cost of your own infrastructure. You can pay only for the actual storage usage and access your data anywhere and anytime. Kyivstar is a Microsoft Authorised Partner, so you will get favourable tariffs, assistance with connection and further support to use Azure Cloud successfully.

Benefits of Azure Cloud

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No need to buy your own servers and spend money on maintenance

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You can quickly launch new projects or scale existing ones (for example, during peak periods)

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Closed network infrastructure and triple redundancy guarantee data security and availability

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Transparent pricing means that the price list for services is available on the Microsoft website

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No additional licenses for connectors to external systems for data exchange

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You can use standard technologies for data processing and storage (Spark, SQL) without vendor dependence

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Convenient data management via mobile applications

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Kyivstar managed service means favorable tariffs for storage, assistance with connection and further support

Example of use

Client portrait

Kyivstar's product “Customer Profile 360” is an excellent example of the use of consolidated data and analytics. It combines all available customer data from different sources in one interface. This makes working with clients much easier and more efficient. For example, a sales manager receiving a call from a customer can instantly check who the customer is, when and what purchases they made before, how long they took to decide, what else they were interested in, what their needs and concerns were, etc.


  • Collects all available customer data (including data from Kyivstar) in one interface
  • Reduces the number of systems used by employees
  • Reduces the time spent searching for the information they need