Kyivstar today

Kyivstar — is the largest Ukrainian telecom provider and one of the greatest national brands. The company was founded in 1994 and on December 9, 1997, the first call was made on the Kyivstar network.


Our mission

We open new opportunities for Ukraine and change people's lives for the better.



listen, learn, and grow



relentless pursuit of the next ultimate customer experience



agility to seize opportunities and turn possibilities into new realities



work as a team, learn from failures to create value with success



firmly uphold integrity and the highest ethical standards

Kyivstar today

The largest operator

Kyivstar is Ukraine's largest electronic communications operator, serving 24.3 million cell phone subscribers and more than 1.1 million Home Internet subscribers in the 1st quarter (March) of 2023.

A variety of services

Together with the main telecom services, the company provides FMC services (convergence of mobile and fixed communications), digital solutions - Big Data, industrial IoT, Clouds, mobile financial services, Open API 'Kyivstar Open Telecom', cybersecurity services, digital TV and others. The company implements these products both independently and in partnership.

Leader in the OTT TV segment

Kyivstar is also one of the leaders in the OTT TV segment, providing access to more than 350 TV channels and has a video library of more than 20,000 films and series.

53 thousand base stations

Kyivstar has built the largest communication infrastructure in Ukraine — more than 53 thousand base stations. The company uses its own fiber-optic network with a total length of more than 44,000 km and a bandwidth of 16 Tbps.

25 years of work in Ukraine

The company's impact

Kyivstar is one of the top 20 largest taxpayers in Ukraine and is the largest taxpayer in the electronic communications market in Ukraine, providing more than 90 billion hryvnias of revenues to the state budget in taxes and mandatory payments and almost 6 billion US dollars of investments in the development of telecoms infrastructure in Ukraine. The company develops innovative services and promotes the development of the telecom market of Ukraine, guided by its mission: "We are changing Ukraine and opening new opportunities for people."

Innovation and development

In 1998, the company was the first one to provide SMS services in Ukraine and in 2000 — to provide access to mobile Internet using WAP technology. Kyivstar was also the first to introduce "package" tariff plans free of charge per minute and canceled per-megabyte billing of the Internet. Modernization of the telecom market and development of new mobile technologies in Ukraine are always the focus of Kyivstar’s attention. The company was the first telecom operator in Ukraine to fully improve the switching network for the introduction of high-speed mobile data transmission technologies. Kyivstar had voluntarily donated part of the radio spectrum in the 1800 MHz and 900 MHz bands to the state so that all mobile operators were able to form continuous radio frequency bands to launch 4G technology. This gave impetus to the rapid development of 4G communication technology in Ukraine. Kyivstar network has the latest equipment that supports 3G, 4G (LTE), and VoLTE communication standards.

Directions of development


Supporting subscribers during the war

As a national Ukrainian company, Kyivstar supports its subscribers and business customers during the war. Since the beginning of a new phase of russian military aggression in the war against Ukraine, the company has been providing customers with free mobile and fixed-line services in Ukraine and abroad, and access to news and educational resources on the Kyivstar TV platform. On its initiative, Kyivstar has provided bonuses for mobile communication of doctors in war zones.


Hundreds of millions to charity

Also, every year Kyivstar implements socially significant and charitable programs, is one of the best employers in Ukraine and a company with the highest reputation in the telecom market. Kyivstar pays considerable attention to social responsibility of business and has been actively working in this direction since 2006.

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the company has continued to systematically support the state and society. Kyivstar supported the initiative of the President of Ukraine United24 to attract funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine and allocated UAH 300 million for the restoration of digital infrastructure. Also, the mobile operator has already transferred almost 130 million hryvnias for humanitarian aid to the Armed Forces, hospitals, elderly people and war victims. In particular, the funds were transferred to Charitable foundations "Come Back Alive", "Tvoya opora", "Let's help", International Foundations "Caritas of Ukraine" and "Ukrainian Charity Exchange".

You can learn more about the company's initiatives in the Social Responsibility section.

Information on the ownership structure of PJSC “Kyivstar”

The sole shareholder of PJSC “Kyivstar” is the international telecom group of companies VEON, the headquarters of which is located in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. VEON shares are traded on the stock exchanges of the USA and the European Union, and among the owners of the shares there are thousands of people, including large investment funds of the USA, Great Britain, Italy, such as Exor NV, Shah Capital, Prosperity Capital, Kopernik Global Investors, etc. No shareholder has a majority stake and does not have a decisive influence on the activities of the VEON group and, accordingly, on the activities of Kyivstar.

In February 2022, the VEON Group excluded persons who have been subject to EU sanctions from the Board of Directors, their financial assets are frozen, and they themselves do not take any part in or have any influence on the management of the VEON Group. The group also decided to withdraw from the russian market and on May 30, 2023, reported on the completion of all legal formalities and procedures related to this initiative.

PJSC “Kyivstar” is managed by the President (a citizen of Ukraine) and the Supervisory Board of Kyivstar PJSC, which includes citizens of Ukraine, the United States, the European Union and Turkey. Each of these citizens is a person with an exceptionally high reputation in the business environment with long experience of managerial work on the international market.