Reserve SIM Card

Thanks to a Reserve SIM Card service you have an additional SIM card for your subscriber number, which you can immediately activate when you lose or damage your main SIM card.

You can activate the reserve SIM card remotely round the clock, even while in the roaming.

Please note.

  • At this moment, Kyivstar postpaid customers can connect a Reserve SIM Card.
  • If you are a prepaid customer and have connected this service before, you can use it on standard terms. In the future, to replace the SIM card, we recommend using the “Smart SIM” package.

Main Possibilities

In case of loss or damage of the main SIM card you will be able to immediately activate your reserve SIM card in one of the following ways:

The main SIM card which has been lost or damaged is thus disconnected and then the subscriber has another possibility to order a “new” reserve SIM card.

Provision Conditions

To connect the Reserve SIM Card service, please contact the nearest Customers Service Centers and fill in a corresponding application. Please, bring:

You can connect only one reserve SIM card to one subscriber telephone number.

The coordinators of corporate clients can connect an unlimited number of reserve SIM cards under the OKPO code of the corporate customer.

The validity period of the reserve SIM card comprises 3 (three) years from the moment of its activation.

Please, note: The reserve SIM card is deactivated in the following cases:


  • for postpaid subscribers the cost of connection is 30 UAH

All the tariffs are indicated in UAH incl. all taxes and fees.

  • by calling the telephone service center at the number 0 800 300 466
  • in My Kyivstar system
    • in case you are a contract subscriber — your identity paper (for natural persons);
    • in case you are a prepaid Kyivstar subscriber — only the valid (main) SIM card.
    • a new reserve SIM card was ordered;
    • the main SIM card was replaced and the reserve card was refused;
    • the subscriber’s number was disconnected;
    • the contract subscriber was reregistered;
    • the subscribers switched from contract form of service to prepaid and vice versa;
    • the application was submitted to disconnect the service;
    • the activation period has passed (3 years from the moment the service was connected).