From 30.05.18 service connection and country change are available only for users on Z-tariff, Z-tariff 2017, All together Z, Give Me More! and Maximum Unlim 400.

Favorite countries

Connect the service "Favorite country" and call abroad at great rates!

from 0,50 UAH/min

Favorite countries

Connect the service "Favorite country" and call abroad at great rates!

from 0,50 UAH/min
Country Cost of
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  • Who can activate this service?
  • How many countries can be active simultaneously?

    You can connect three countries at once. The activation fee for one country is 5.00 UAH. Service activates automatically during the day after application. You will receive an SMS in case of successful connection.

  • How can I change one country to another?

    Choose one of the options:

    • dial 222 or 477
    • useMy Kyivstar app or web version
    • dial *222*the country code which you want to deactivate*the country code you want to activate#
  • How do we charge the service (in full or per each country)?

    The activation fee charges immediately after the fulfilment of service order you have made. Special tariff for the relevant countries comes into effect at that point as well.

  • Is there any recurring fee, connection fee or other extra payments in this service??

    There is no reccuring fees. The connection fee is 2 UAH. The cost of the first second of every minute of a conversation equals the specified cost of a minute. The cost of all subsequent seconds of the specified minute within the conversation is included in the cost of such a first second of conversation. The cost of a minute depends on the selected country. The activation fee is 5 UAH per country. There are no other extra payments.

  • Are there any numbers not covered by the plan?

    Tariffs will not apply when calling to the some numbering capacities in

    Austria, Albania, Algeria, Armenia, Barbados, Belgium, Benin, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkina Faso, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Jimbuti, Estonia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Italy, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Latvia, Liberia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Mali, Morocco, Monaco, Niger, Palestine, Poland, Russia, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Tunisia, Tajikistan, France, Chad, Montenegro, Switzerland and Jamaica.

    For these numbering capacities the cost of a call complies with the standard terms of international calls.

  • How to deactivate the service?

    You can disconnect the service with one of the following ways:

    • dial 222 or 477
    • use the My Kyivstar” app or web version
    • dial *222*000#

    The service disconnects during the day.