Self-swop of SIM to 4G

Swap your SIM-card to 4G on your own — purchase any Kyivstar pack with 4G mark and follow the instructions. Save balance and connected services.

A few simple steps for self-swop of SIM to 4G

  • Purchase Kyivstar starter pack

    purchase any starter pack Smart SIM or Kyivstar starter pack with 4G mark

    Please note. To replace a SIM card by yourself, use the starter pack without a mark “First package of services included”.

  • Send a request

    send a request *245*41*0YYYYYYYYY*ZZZZZZZZ# and wait for the message with a password and special combination, where

    0YYYYYYYYY — phone number of new SIM card
    ZZZZZZZZ — PUK1 of new a SIM card

  • Activate

    insert new SIM card into the phone and send a request *111# to activate the number

  • Confirm

    send a request *245*42*ХХХХХХ# from your new SIM card where ХХХХХХ is a password from SMS on your old SIM card

  • Get SMS-confirmation

    restart your phone after 5-10 minutes after you send a request. The request to replace SIM card will be proceed in 30 minutes, you will be notified with SMS

  • Done

    You’ve got 4G SIM card and save: number, tariffs, account balance on the principal and bonus accounts, subscriber length of service, connected services and promotions

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