Self-swop of SIM to 4G

Swop your SIM-card to 4G on your own — purchase any Kyivstar pack with 4G mark or order delivery of USIM by Ukrposhta and follow the instructions. Save balance and connected services.

A few simple steps for self-swop of SIM to 4G

  • Purchase Kyivstar starter pac

    purchase any starter pack Smart SIM or Kyivstar starter pack with 4G mark or order delivery of USIM by Ukrposhta (delivery and USIM are free)

    Please notice. To replace a SIM card by yourself, use the start package without a mark “First package of services is included”.

  • Send a request

    send a request *245*41*0YYYYYYYYY*ZZZZZZZZ# and wait for the message with a password and special combination, where

    0YYYYYYYYY — phone number of new SIM card
    ZZZZZZZZ — PUK1 of new a SIM card

  • Activate

    insert new SIM card into the phone and send a request *111# to activate the number

  • Confirm

    send a request *245*42*ХХХХХХ# from your new SIM card where ХХХХХХ is a password from SMS on your old SIM card

  • Get SMS-confirmation

    restart your telephone after 5 – 10 minutes when you send a request. The request to replace SIM card will be proceed in 30 minutes, you will be notified by SMS

  • Done

    You’ve got 4G SIM card and save: number, tariffs, account balance on the principal and bonus accounts, subscriber length of service, connected services and promotions

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  • How to order Ukrposhta delivery

    You can order starter pack:

    You can order delivery if:

    1. You are preppaid subscriber.
    2. Use Kyivstar mobile services for at least 3 months.
    3. Your smartphone supports 4G (LTE).

    The application is processed only on working days until 16:00. Maximum delivery time is up to 5 business days.

    This service is valid all over Ukraine, except temporarily occupied territories and the territories in which the public authorities temporarily cannot implement its powers or perform it incompletely.

  • How to prevent the swop of your SIM-card by third party?

    To prevent the swop of your SIM-card by third party, you can also lock the self-swop of SIM using one of these ways:

    The request will be processed within 30 minutes. You can unlock the service via "My Kyivstar" system or dialing 0800300466

  • If didn’t send a request to swop SIM-card and get a notification on your phone?

    If your number was reported with notification of attempt to swop SIM card which you didn’t initiated, do not worry: restart your phone and stay connected. This is enough too have your SIM card safe.

  • Additional information

    Despite the high level of protection, we pay attention of subscribers who have connected their number with bank card: PUK-code and serial (ICC) of your SIM card are confidential. Please do not disclose it to third parties.

    PUK-code and ICC are marked on start package.

    Also PUK-code can be found with following recommendations.