Smart SIM

Smart SIM is a list of services that allow you to connect additional SIM cards to use them simultaneously with your primary card. The advantage of this solution is a single service package and a single number for the primary and secondary SIM cards.

Smart SIM includes several SIM cards, each of which is activated separately:

  • SIM for devices. Use the SIM card in sensors, alarms and other devices.

    “SIM for Devices” service allows you to connect another number on the “Kyivstar Sensor” tariff plan to the same personal account as your main number and not pay for the service package.

  • SIM for the tablet. Use megabytes from your plan on both your phone and tablet at the same time

    You get another SIM card for the internet and can use it on your tablet or laptop. The number and account for the main and additional cards are the same.

  • SIM for the second phone. Use megabytes, minutes and SMS from your tariff plan at the same time on the second phone with the same number.

    No more moving your SIM card from one mobile device to another! “SIM for the second phone” is a unique service that allows you to use two SIM cards with the same number and the same set of mobile services at the same time.


“Smart SIM” is not a standalone single service and does not provide connection, disconnection or status check, and is solely the marketing name of the list of services that allow additional SIM cards to be connected: “SIM for the tablet” service, “SIM for the second phone” service provide the opportunity to use one subscriber number and one set of mobile services and “SIM for devices” service allows not to pay for the package of services for one number, which is maintained on the "Kyivstar Sensor" tariff plan.