Extra money

If you are out of money - get a top up of bonus account from 15 to 300 UAH.

The service is available to order both in Ukraine and in roaming.

from 0,00 UAH

Not enough money
to communicate in roaming?

Get on the account 125, 175, 225, 300 UAH
without commission.
To order, dial *117#
(0 UAH in roaming).
The sum deducts from the balance
after a replenishment.

How to order?


*117*1# or *117#

After ordering, you will recieve an answer about acceptence or decline of your order. According to the subscriber's number will be automatically determined and assessed the maximum allowable amount of funds under the terms of the provision of additional funds. Bonus account replenishment will comple in a few seconds after order and will be confirmed via SMS.


Service Advantages

The Extra Money service allows you to use mobile communication services even when there is not enough money on your account and you have no opportunity to replenish it.

Using Extra Money you can make phone calls, send SMS, use mobile Internet and pay for any other services.

Сosts from the bonus account received by the Extra Money service may be used to pay roaming mobile connection services.

The service doesn’t require any additional settings in your mobile phone.

Service rating

The amount for your bonus account replenishment and the service fee will be withdrawn from your account while replenishing. If the amount available on the account is insufficient, the amount will be deducted in portions divisible by UAH 1.00.

The service re-order is possible only while replenishing the account.

Service order options

You can order a certain bonus amount for your account by dialing a short number *117*X#(where X is the desired replenishment amount – UAH 15, 20, 75, 125, 175, 225, 300).

The short number *117*1# will allow you to immediately receive a maximum bonus amount.

Automatic Extra Money

You can activate the Automatic Extra Money function by using the combination *117*7#. Your bonus account will be replenished with a maximum possible amount every time when there is less that UAH 10 on the primary account.

Please note! When using the Automatic Extra Money function the next amount will be charged provided that the previous bonus amount has been reimbursed and the service has been paid for.

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