Call Barring

A call barring service allows you to restrict use of your mobile telephone. This function is very convenient in case you wish to give your telephone to the third persons for a temporal use. You can also secure yourself against random dial of an international number by using the respective type of call barring.

General Information

The Kyivstar GSM network provides the following types of call barring:

  • blocking of all outgoing calls;
  • blocking of all outgoing international calls;
  • blocking of all outgoing international and national calls;
  • blocking of all incoming calls;
  • blocking of all incoming calls during roaming.

Upon the call barring activation the subscriber has to enter a Barring password. Every Kyivstar GSM subscriber is given the 0000 password by default. However, you can change the password at your discretion.

In case your phone menu does not support call barring activation function or call barring password change, refer to the set of service commands.


Call barring service is included in the base set of services and is activated for all subscribers. Additional fee is not charged for this service.

For prepaid subscribers the service is not provided.