30 and 100 minutes to other mobile (prepaid)

In the period from 03 to 05 August 2020, the service terminates. If you have already ordered it, you will have a new package "To other networks in Ukraine" with the appropriate number of minutes. If you used this service and another service for calls to local networks at the same time, you will receive a unified 100 minutes to call other mobile and landline numbers of Ukraine.

The service is closed for connection.

Connect service "Calls to other mobile" and get monthly 30 or 100 minutes for calls to other mobile operators in Ukraine. No payment for connection! Service provided only for Prepaid customers.

Number of minutes for calls to other mobileConnection fee, UAHMonthly fee, UAH/month

Tariffs are given inclusive of all taxes and fees.


How to order and use

Service Order ChannelNumber of minutes for calls to other mobileConnect serviceDeactivate serviceCheck the balance of minutes and their validity
Short requests30*264*30#*264*0#*149#
  • Charges of the package minutes and month's fee advance happens simultaneously with the activation of the service.
  • You can order the service "Calls to other mobile" unlimited number of times. When you reorder the package unused package minutes are kept. When you deactivate the service unused package minutes are canceled. 
  • Minutes of the service have the highest priority, that means that the bundle of minutes will be used primarily and then the minutes of the tariff plan.
  • Vadility period – a month from the date of the order till the next charging of the subscription fee. For example, if the service is ordered and connected 15.04, the package minutes can be used until the end of the day 14.05.
  • Package minutes can be used only on the territory of Ukraine.
  • The cost of the first second of every minute of a conversation equals the specified cost of a minute. The cost of all subsequent seconds of the specified minute within the conversation is included in the cost of such a first second of conversation.
  • Please, note!