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Mobile VPN is an engineering solution based on the Kyivstar Business GSM network, which enables quick corporate company’s networking for remote points (both mobile and stationary), the GPRS/EDGE bursting technology is being applied.


  • Access to the corporate network is available from any point of Ukraine within the GSM network.
  • The corporate network is secured due to limiting burst-type traffic passing out of the corporate network, as well as the traffic ingress into the network.

Technological Features

  1. To be networked, the corporate customer receives a dedicated APN (Access Point Name).
  2. Connection between the operator’s and customer’s networks can be realized via:
    a) the public Internet network, with IPSec based VPN channeling from the Kyivstar’s VPN concentrator to the customer’s office (provided that the Internet service is rendered by Kyivstar Business);
    b) the dedicated IP-VPN channel, connecting the IP boundary router of the Kyivstar Business IP/MPLS network to the customer’s office.
  3. The IP address range for remote points is given by the customer.
  4. The customer is required to have the GPRS CPE modem /router for the service to be received. If you require, the equipment can be provided Kyivstar Business.