IVR: Short voice numbers, which are a number of 3-6 digits.

Abbreviated numbers that begin with * and abbreviated numbers, which are not included in this list, provide the access to the service "Good mood" from the provider of LLC «INTECH UA».

Tariff: connection fee 2 UAH + 15 UAH per minute of conversation (with VAT and without 7.5% deductions to the Pension Fund).

SMS: Short SMS numbers, which are a number of 3-6 digits.

While sending sms to (three-, four-, five- and six-digit numbers) that are not included in this list and are not used by Kyivstar for its own services, the subscriber receives SMS with the information "Unfortunately, this number is not used ".

The cost of this message for prepaid subscribers is 0.53 UAH/sms, for contract subscribers — according to their tariff plan.

The tariffs are given in UAH including VAT. Additional Pension Fund surcharge in the amount of 7.5% of the service cost (excluding VAT) is applied.
Please note that you agree to receive a corresponding service by sending a message or making a call to any short number.

Please contact cpa& for queries and suggestions on how to connect short numbers.