Kyivstar Sensor

  • Security alarm
  • Counters
  • GPS-tracker
300 MB/mo
Calls within Kyivstar network
450 min/mo
SMS to ukrainian numbers
600 SMS/mo
Calls to other mobile and landline numbers in Ukraine
1,50 UAH/min

Daily fee

1,00 UAH

Connection fee

Free of charge

Check your balance status by requesting *111#Show code


How to connect price plan Kyivstar Sensor


  • Postpaid subscribers of Kyivstar can transfer to the "Kyivstar Sensor" plan by using the Migration service. When transferring from the prepaid to the postpaid form, you can save your phone number.
  • If you want to become a subscriber of Kyivstar, get a starter pack with this price plan and activate it according to the instructions on the package. You can also activate a starter package with another price plan and then apply for a change of plan.
  • If you are already our subscriber and want to change your plan to "Kyivstar Sensor", call 477*16Show code




  • How are charged daily subscriber fee and plan's SMS, minutes, and megabytes

    The first time the scope of non-charcheble services will be accrued as soon as you connect Kyivstar Sensor plan. Daily fee will be charged.

    Subscribers who activated the starter pack with the Kyivstar Sensor plan or migrated to contract service need to top-up with 50 UAH in one payment by any means except the funds transfer. After this the scope of non-chargeable services will be accrued.

    Further scope of plan’s services will be accrued daily between 00:00 to 03:00 a.m. and daily fee will be charged.

    The validity of non-chargeable services is until 23:59:59 of the calendar day in which it were accrued. Unused minutes, SMS and megabytes will be canceled.

    Check the balance of non-chargeable services via *112#Show code or in My Kyivstar system.

  • Examples of use
    • Home security. With your mobile phone you can receive notification of alarms security system, receive information about the flow of water or gas leak, fire.
    • Car security. You can manage car GSM-alarm system, track the location of your car, control cabin temperature, block an engine if necessary and receive all notifications from the car security system.
    • Devices management. Insert the SIM-card into the device to enable or disable the air conditioning system or irrigation remotely. For example, it is very comfortable to enable heating in your country house in advance.
    • Retail shopping. SIM-card is convenient to use in cash registers, payment terminals and vending machines.
  • Terms of convenient use

    Save phone number

    We encourage you to write in the device your subscriber mobile phone number assigned to the SIM-card.

    Control account balance

    You can check your account balance of the SIM card in the device with the Trustee service and your Kyivstar phone number. Also, the service provides for the possibility to receive SMS when the account balance is less than 1 UAH. You can find details concerning the Trustee service here.

    Monitor online cash balance of the SIM-card in your device on My Kyivstar. Before install SIM-card to your device, register it’s number in My Kyivstar.

    In case of SIM-card installation in the moveable mobile device, control its location

    With the Tracker service you can monitor your device location. You can find details concerning the Tracker service here.

    If your SIM-card is installed in device we offer such convenient ways to top-up:

    1. Use the top-up terminal.
    2. Buy a scratch card for top-up, if you have any other Kyivstar number. For instructions, dial *126#Show code
    3. from your Kyivstar number.
    4. Top-up with the bankcard: dial 899 (calls within Kyivstar network are non-chargeable).

    Pay attention! The customers of Home Internet cannot transfer the bonus money to numbers with connected Kyivstar Sensor plan.

  • Additional Information
    • Tariffication of calls is carried out in the first second of each minute of a conversation in the amount of the specified cost of a minute. Seconds from the second to the sixtieth are not charged.
    • To calculate the volume of the package and pay per month, a month is taken for a period of 30 days.
    • Rates are inclusive of all taxes and fees. The statement «Over package» means that the terms of Kyivstar Sensor plan provide uncharged 10 MB, 20 SMS and 15 min for daily subscription fee of 1.00 UAH.
    • 2G technology data rate is up to 236 kbps; in 3G network is up to 42.2 Mbps. Access to 3G network is provided by 3G-coverage and depends on it’s presence.
    • Minimum term of your plan is 30 days from the day it starts to connect. After this period, the operator has the right to change rates in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Ukraine.
    • Plan operates all over Ukraine, except temporarily occupied territories and the territories in which the public authorities temporarily exercise its powers or perform it incomplete.


30 fee
  • Superfast internet
  • 30 min to mobile and landline numbers
  • 200 min in the network

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