Unlim Social Nets

65 UAH/mo
  • Unlim Social Nets
  • Superfast internet
  • 50 min on another networks
Migrate to plan For Kyivstar subscribers
Internet superfast 3G
3000 МB
Calls within Kyivstar network
Calls to other mobile networks
50 min
Knowledge Read and watch all that you want
from included services.
We don’t charge your traffic. more
Social Communication Chat and share thoughts
on included social networks and messengers,
with no traffic charge in 3G-network. more

Calls to other networks,
over 50 min

0,60 UAH/min

Calls to landline numbers

1,50 UAH/min

SMS to the local numbers, 100 SMS package

2,00 UAH

SMS to the local numbers , 10 SMS package
(over 100 SMS package)

2,00 UAH

SMS to the local numbers,
over package volume (90 packages of 10 SMS per day)

1,00 UAH/SMS


to the foreign numbers

2,20 UAH


to the local numbers



to the foreign numbers


Mobile internet, over 3000 МB
(5 packages of 50 МB per day)

5 UAH/package

Mobile internet, over bundle volume
(speed of 128 Kbps)


How to connect this plan

  • If you want to join Kyivstar network, purchase a starter pack with this plan and activate it according to the instructions. You can also activate a starter pack with another plan and then apply for a change.
  • Already a customer and want to switch? Please dial 477*1Show code or use My Kyivstar system.

To top up your account online follow the link.

Check your balance status by requesting *111#Show code

  • How to activate it
  • How do we charge monthly fee
  • If there is not enough money to charge the monthly fee
  • Check your 50 off-net minutes
  • How many megabytes of mobile internet are included in this plan
  • How many SMS are included in this plan
  • What is VEON
  • How to get extra megabytes from VEON
  • Which social networks are included in this plan
  • What is Knowledge
  • How to connect
  • Additional information
  • Unlim for internet
  • 100 minutes to other mobile networks and abroad
  • First monthly fee is off
Unlim Video
  • 100 minutes to other networks
  • Superfast internet
  • Video on go
Migrate to plan

If you already are our subscriber, connect a new plan via My Kyivstar:

  1. Tap «Migrate to plan».
  2. Log in to the system.
  3. Confirm the migration to a new plan.
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