How it works

  1. 1

    Activate the service

    Cost – 1000 UAH for 30 days and accrual day

  2. 2

    Receive money

    500 UAH to your bonus account

  3. 3

    Use bonuses

    On calls, internet or SMS at great rates

For 1000 UAH you can get 500 minutes for calls in roaming or use 5 GB of mobile internet, or combine all services of mobile communication.

How to order

валіза для подорожей

Tariffs with package “Simple roaming”

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How you save money

For example, you and your friend are going to Poland. You have ordered the “Simple roaming” and your friend hasn’t. Let’s compare the spendings:

Friend’s spendings

стопка монет
  • Calls
    200 min
  • Internet
    3 000 MB
  • SMS
    200 pc
1575 UAH

Your spendings

  • Calls
    200 min
  • Internet
    3 000 MB
  • SMS
    200 pc
1000 UAH

Using the same services in the same amounts as your friend did, you saved 575 UAH with the “Simple roaming” package.

More about “Simple roaming”

How are bonuses added to the account?

When you activate the package, 1000 UAH fee is charged immediately. After that, 500 UAH will be added to your bonus account.

What is the expiry date of bonus funds?

Bonus funds are active for a month from the moment they are added. Unused bonus funds are withdrawn after they expire.

How are the services charged in roaming on the package conditions?

Services are paid from the bonus account. When you run out of bonus funds, you can still use the benefits of the package until it expires, but the funds will be charged from the main account.

Which countries does the package cover?

The package is active at all places with active Kyivstar roaming. The special package tariff is active throughout the countries of tariff zones 1 and 2 for all incoming calls, SMS and all outgoing calls to the country of residence and Ukraine. In other directions and countries bonus funds are also used, but at the standard rate from 50 UAH for a minute of call, 1 SMS – UAH, 50 KB – 6 UAH.

Also, rate 1 UAH for 1 min is used for calls to the country of residence and Ukraine.

More details on Kyivstar roaming.

How to check the bonus funds balance?

Keep track of the balance and expiry date bonus funds in “My Kyivstar” system or using the request *120*5*0#

How to deactivate the package?

You can deactivate the package after its expiry date. This is free of charge.

Unused bonus funds will be withdrawn.

Can I activate the package abroad?

The package can be ordered and activated only in Ukraine.

The offer is active throughout Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied territories. The package action can be restricted on the territories of Joint Forces Operation conducting.