Business voicemail

Business voicemail — your personal voicemail in your mobile phone.

When you are busy or can not answer a call, your phone is off or out of network, voicemail will accept all calls and prompt the caller to leave a message for you.


  • you do not miss any calls;
  • friends and colleagues can send you any important information;
  • you will receive a notification about new messages in your voicemail;
  • hear your messages at any convenient time;
  • you can record your own greeting;
  • exchange voice messages.

General information about the service

How to activate and set up a voicemail?

1. Please visit one of our Customer Service Centers or contact your company's coordinator.

2. Set up your voicemail:

  • dial 775;
  • enter standard password 4444 and press#;
  • listen to general user manual and:
    • set your own password (1—6 characters);
    • record your greeting;

Fancy greetings will encourage your clients, partners and colleagues to leave voice messages for you.

How to use the voicemail?

Hearing messages

  1. From your mobile: dial 775, enter your password and press #.
  2. From any other mobile or landline phone:
    • dial +38 067 222 27 75;
    • enter your mobile number without prefix +380 (9 characters) or without prefix +38 (10 characters), e.g: 67 4660466 або 067 4660466;
    • enter your password and press #.
  3. If you are in roaming dial +38 067 2222 775, enter your mobile number, password then press #.

If you are in roaming, call to the number +38 067 222 27 75 will be charged according to the tariff for a call to the mobile phone of the Kyivstar network from roaming.

Basic requests

  • 7 — pause / resume;
  • 8 — prompt;
  • 88 — general manual;
  • 9 — back to main menu;
  • * — one step back.

Basic actions with messages

  • 2 — send answer;
  • 3 — forward message;
  • 4 — save message;
  • 5 — delete message;
  • 6 — go to the next message;
  • 7 — get caller's number.

You can send voice messages only to Kyivstar numbers

Managing messages

  • 33 — go to the end of message;
  • 11 — to the beginning;
  • 111 — to the beginning of previous message.

The new message you have not heard is stored for 10 days, the heard and saved one is stored for 30 days.

Configuring your Voicemail

Dial 775 (in roaming please dial +38067 2222 775, enter your number, password, press #), and then choose and enter accordingly:

  • 341 — to change greeting;
  • 342 — to change signature;
  • 344 — to change password;
  • 345 — to change language.

Then follow instructions.

Setting up call forwarding

You can set up forwarding using standard menu (refer to your phone's manual). Service forwarding number: +38 067 2222 771. It can be enabled via special requests as well.

Еnter the request in a standard way (as you usually dial any number) and then press the call key to set up forwarding by requests.

Tip: Save these codes to the phone's or card's memory under the names "Busy" or "Off", and so on.

Voicemail to MMS

You can receive the voice messages as an MMS with an audio file attached. There is no need to dial 775, messages will be stored in your phone's memory.

You can use voicemail to MMS option if:

  • you use the Autoresponder service;
  • you use MMS;
  • your device can play AMR files.

How to activate:

  1. Dial 477*33 (free from Kyivstar mobile numbers).
  2. Choose Edit configuration for Voicemail service (Additional services section).
  3. Choose MMS delivery.

How it works:

When someone leaves a message on your voicemail, you will receive an MMS with an audio file and a picture attached. MMS comes from the customer's number that left a message for you.

After you hear the audio file, the voice message is deleted from the Voicemail and stored only as MMS in the memory of your phone. If you did not hear an audio file (for example, you accidentally delete this MMS), the voice message will be unavailable by the number 775.


Ordering service

USSD requestSMS to number 100Action
*100*04*1#04*1Check Voicemail status
*100*04*2#04*2Activate Voicemail
*100*04*3#04*3Deactivate Voicemail
*100*04*4#04*4Reset password
*100*04*5#04*5Check Voicemail to MMS status
*100*04*6#04*6Enable Voicemail to MMS
*100*04*7#04*7Disable Voicemail to MMS


ServiceBasic versionPremium
Activation fee, UAH00
Voicemail monthly fee for all plans,
except for mentioned below, UAH
Monthly fee for plans
VASH Start, VASH Vybir, VASH Optymum, VASH Comfort, VASH Bezlim, VASH Premium, VASH Premium+, VASH Maximum, Gate, Kyivstar Team, Kyivstar 4G Simple, Kyivstar 4G Simple+, Kyivstar 4G, Kyivstar 4G Extra, Kyivstar 4G Ultra, Kyivstar 4G Business, IoT 10, IoT 12, IoT 25 , IoT 30 , IoT 45, IoT 80, IoT 150, IoT 350
Monthly fee for plans 3G Business VIP Premium, Business Office Premium, UAH0.000.00
Monthly fee for option voicemail to MMS, except for plans mentioned below, UAH2.002.00
Monthly fee (voicemail to MMS) for plans Absolute Unlimited, All for VIP, All for VIP Extra, Unlim Gold, Unlim Platinum, Kyivstar 4G Business, Kyivstar 4G Business VIP, UAH00
Cost of calls to the numbers 775, +380672222775 in Kyivstar network, UAH/min00
Connection fee when dialing numbers 775, +380672222775 in Kyivstar network, UAH00
Cost of incoming MMS for the option Voicemail to MMS, UAH00

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