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SMS and MMS Distribution

SMS and MMS distribution is a service that allows you to send advertising or informational SMS or MMS to your clients, partners or colleagues via the convenient web-interface in an easy, quick and cost-saving manner.


  • Time saving: comfortable and quick distribution preparation (2-10 minutes) with the help of convenient web-interface;
  • Dynamic alphanumeric name (sender’s name) — not charged;
  • Statistics: detailed reports on messages delivery status and distribution history;
  • SMS and MMS sending per item and to a group of subscribers;
  • Data transfer privacy due to HTTPS protocol implementation;
  • Creation of mailout schedule: sending messages at time, day of a week or date, convenient for you.

Usage Examples

  • Informing: promotions and individual discounts;
  • Notifications: news, goods delivery, invitations to some events, distribution of photos, audio, video files;
  • Reminders: regarding scheduled visits (to doctor, hairdresser), agreement termination (insurance, bank), next payment (sports club, bank etc.), meeting (to the employees);
  • Congratulations with holidays;
  • Reports: to clients (regarding order readiness and work performance), colleagues (sales statistics);
  • Image: brand or product promotion due to alphanumeric name.

How to Activate

The coordinator of your company or another authorized person can activate the service at the Kyivstar Customers Service Center by signing a relevant agreement.

Service Possibilities

  • Flexible distribution process management (it is possible to specify the sender’s alphanumeric name; write text of the messages; specify phone numbers of SMS and MMS messages recipients manually and/or download from .txt or .csv files);
  • Messages text writing by Cyrillic or Latin characters;
  • Creation of distribution schedule (time, days of a week, dates of distribution);
  • “Blacklist” creation (subscribers who refuse distribution receiving);
  • Automatic filter for false number indication twice;
  • Delivery statistics review and searching within the distribution history;
  • Data transfer privacy due to implementation of HTTPS protocol.
  • Granting access authorization to the interface for certain users — employees.

User Instructions

Service Web-interface entering for the coordinator

  • Enter the My Kyivstar system using your login and password
  • At the page that will opened, in the left column click the personal account, for which the service was connected
  • In the central column you’ll see the subscriber number. Click this number. In the pull down menu choose “Services Overview”
  • In the “Services for Companies” category find “SMS and MMS Distribution”, click the reference “SMS and MMS Distribution Management” and you will get to the page with the “Distribution Creation” service web-interface.

Service Web-interface entering for the user*

  • Enter the My Kyivstar system using your login and password
  • In the line above the logo click “Mobile Connection”
  • Thereafter in the menu below the logo choose the “ Services and Special Offers” item
  • In the category “Services for Companies” find “SMS Distribution” and press “SMS and MMS Distribution Management” and you will get to the page with the service web-interface in “Distribution Creation”

Distribution Creation

  • Required fields are marked with red star;
  • Insert the alphanumeric name — the message recipient shall see this name instead of the sender’s phone number;
  • Insert the message text and/or add multimedia files, indicating the phone number for feedback;
  • Add manually or download from the file distribution recipients’ phone numbers;
  • If the distribution is performed to less than 1,000 phone numbers you can arrange “Distribution Schedule” if desired. If the recipients number is 1,000 and more it is obligatory to create the schedule;
  • Check the entered information by sending a test SMS or MMS message to the selected phone number;
  • Launch distribution process by pressing the “Send” button.

“SMS Distribution” User Instructions (PDF, 955 KB)

Tariffs and Payment

  • Service fee activation — not charged;
  • Alphanumeric name — not charged;
  • Subscription fee — 50 UAH per month;
  • SMS tariffication — for delivered messages;
  • МMS tariffication — for sent messages;
  • SMS and MMS tariffs depend on delivery direction and quantity of messages sent during a calendar month. The more messages you send the less you pay for the following ones.
Кроки тарифікаціїСумарна кількість доставлених SMS (окремо на номери «Київстар» і на номери інших операторів), шт.Вартість одного SMS-повідомлення (в межах кроку) на номери мережі «Київстар», грнВартість одного SMS-повідомлення (в межах кроку) на номери інших операторів мобільного зв'язку України, грн
Крок 1від 1 до 5 0000,2790,335
Крок 25 001 до 10 0000,260,316
Крок 310 001 до 50 0000,2420,298
Крок 450 001 and more0,2230,279
Кроки ТарифікаціїСумарна кількість відправлених MMS (окремо на номери «Київстар» і на номери інших операторів), штВартість одного МMS-повідомлення (в межах кроку) на номери мережі «Київстар», грнВартість одного МMS-повідомлення (в межах кроку) на номери інших операторів мобільного зв'язку України, грн
Крок 11 до 5 0000,310,42
Крок 25001 до 10 0000,290,40
Крок 310 001 до 50 0000,270,36
Крок 450 001 and more0,250,34

All the tariffs are indicated as of November 01, 2015 incl. VAT. The Pension Fund fee in the amount of 7.5 % of the service cost is additionally charged excluding VAT.

Calculation Example: we send 10,000 SMS messages, among them 7,000 SMS to Kyivstar subscribers’ numbers, 3,000 — to other networks subscribers’ numbers. In this case the first 5,000 SMS messages to Kyivstar subscribers are charged at 0,279 UAH per message, the next 2,000 — 0,26 UAH per message, and 3,000 SMS messages to other networks subscribers — 0,335 UAH per message.

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