SMS/MMS from E-mail

Receive text and multimedia messages from e-mail on your mobile phone!


  • Notification about new letters delivered to your e-mail address
  • Possibility to receive messages from colleagues or friends which don’t have their mobile phones nearby
  • Convenient and quick way of data sharing (texts, pictures, videos, tunes) sent from computer and delivered to your mobile phone

Usage Examples

  • Automatic notification of the company employees delivered to their mobile phones regarding IT systems occurrences
  • Employees notification sent from the control unit and delivered to their mobile phones
  • Image transfer sent from a surveillance camera and delivered to mobile phones in a form of MMS

User Instructions

  1. Sending messages from e-mail

SMS Creation

You can create an ordinary text message (SMS) by Cyrillic or Latin symbols. Write down the text (considering all limitations) in the message body and thereafter send it to the following address: 380ХХХХХХХХХ, where 380ХХХХХХХХХ — the message recipient’s number.

When you create the SMS message take into account the limitations concerning number of symbols (message written by Cyrillic symbols — up to 335, by Latin symbols — up to 765) including the sender’s e-mail.

MMS Creation

It is rather easy to create a multimedia message (MMS). The sender can write a text in the message body and add some content (picture, video, tune) and thereafter send it to the recipient’s address: 380ХХХХХХХХХ, where 380ХХХХХХХХХХ — the message recipient’s number.

While creating the MMS the sender shall remember that the overall message size can be up to 1 Mb. Acceptable files formats:

  • image — jpg, jpeg, gif, png;
  • tones, tunes — mp3, wav, amr;
  • video — avi, mp4, 3gp.
  1. Receiving messages

The recipient shall activate the service and in order to receive multimedia messages — check additionally the MMS service status and settings.

Number of available messages:
You can receive up to 150 SMS and 50 MMS messages per month.

If you use the service actively and the basic number of messages is not enough for you, you can escape such limitation by using the “Extended number” function, as a result you will be able to receive 10 000 SMS and 150 MMS per month.

You can activate the “Extended number” function with the help of the My Kyivstar.


 Till 09.05.2011From 10.05.2011
Service activation fee, UAHNoNo
Subscription fee, per month, UAHHNo2,00
”Extended number” function, per month, UAH 20,00

Tariffs are in UAH, including all taxes and fees


The service can be activated by the coordinator authorized to manage services, or upon his permission with the help of the My Kyivstar system.

The service status checking is available for all subscribers. In order to get information about the service status it is necessary to send an empty text message to 7022 from the subscriber’s phone number.

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